Lamination Services

Have a Paper ID or business card you want to protect? Want to make your menus last longer and stay cleaner? Want to put up a sign outdoors without worrying about rain ruining your work? Lamination is perfect for you. Protect menus, ID cards, posters, place mats, special photos or blueprints and survey maps. We are the place to get your lamination done in Killington and the surrounding areas.

  • Many different sizes and lamination weights to choose from
  • Low prices, starting at just $1
  • Protect valuable documents from wear and tear

Lamination Price List (Subject to change)*

5 Mil (the most popular weight) Application Price
2.5″ x 3.75″ Business Cards / ID Cards $1.00
4.375″ x 6.5 4×6 Photos $1.10
6″ x 9″ 1/2 Page $1.25
9″ x 11.5″ Menus, Flyers $1.50
12″ x 18″ Posters $2.00
7 Mil (thicker for extra durability) Application Price
9″ x 11.5″ Menus, Flyers $1.75
1.5 Mil (Thinner. Easily rollable) Application Price†
24″ w x Any Length Posters $1.00 / sq. ft.

*Volume discounts for lamination orders of 15 or more.
†2 sq. ft. minimum.