Fax & Scan

Faxing & Scanning Services

Even in a world dominated by email and instant file transfers, sometimes we still need to send a fax. Maintaining a fax machine and a dedicated landline for the few times a year you need to fax something just isn’t practical.

Our Faxing, Scanning & Shredding services include:

  • Send & receive faxes
  • Scan documents to PDF format for emailing
  • Reduce clutter by scanning your paper records to store on USB drive or your computer
  • Shred sensitive documents to prevent identity theft



Faxing & Scanning Price List (Subject to change)*

Fax Services Sending Receiving
Cover Page + 1st Page $2.00 $2.00
Each Additional Page $.25 $.50
Scanning 1-10 Pages Each Additional Page
8.5″x11″ $2.00 $.10
11″x17″ $2.00 $.10
24″x36″ $3.00 $1.00

*$2.00 minimum for sending and receiving faxes or scanning. Scan jobs larger than 100 pages will be quoted based on quantity.